If you would like to inquire about a warranty claim please watch the following videos and read the FAQ. If you still feel like you need to make a warranty claim then please fill out the form below to get the process started. The worksheet does not automatically generate an RMA. 


*This is a worksheet to streamline your order warranty process, all details are finalized over the phone.

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Mag Fitting


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Vudoo rifles/barreled actions brought in for accuracy concerns will:

  1. Be inspected, cleaned, lubed, and checked for proper headspace.
  2. Have action screws torqued to the proper setting recommended by the stock or
    chassis manufacturer.
  3. Sent to an outdoor range to be shot for accuracy at 50 yds.



  1. High quality optic will be mounted to eliminate scope as a variable (Nightforce
    ATACR or Similar)
  2. Gun will be boresighted, zeroed and fouled with approximately 20-30 rounds.
  3. Gunsmith will fire (2), 5 shot groups.  Supported by a front bipod or rest and
    rear bag only (no lead sled, no fixtures) using a match grade ammunition.
  4. If both groups measure smaller than 1 MOA, the gun passes. If neither do, the gun
    fails.  If only one passes, a third group will be shot.  If 2/3 groups are sub MOA, the
    gun passes.
  5. If the gun was originally sold as a barreled action and failed with a stock or chassis
    provided by the customer, the barreled action will be installed into a Vudoo owned
    chassis and the test will be repeated. If the gun passes in the Vudoo owned chassis,
    the barreled action is considered in spec and not in need of service. Vudoo Gun
    Works cannot cover any warranty on a customer supplied stock or chassis.
  6. If the gun or barreled action passes, the test target will be labeled and sent to the
    customer. If the gun passes without the need of any warranty work, a cleaning and
    service fee of $50 plus all shipping will be assessed to the customer.
  7. If the gun fails, it will be covered under warranty and repaired or replaced at the
    discretion of Vudoo Gun Works. The repaired or replaced gun will be accuracy tested
    before it is returned. A test target will be provided to the customer.


It is often misunderstood that lot testing at one of the major ammo manufacturing facilities is accuracy testing. Lot testing, compares several on-hand lot #’s against each other to determine which of those lots are best in your rifle. Occasionally, the lot #’s on hand won’t produce the consistency your rifle is capable of and may require a broader range of lot #’s to test with.  It is not uncommon for your rifle to shoot better with ammo you have on hand rather than the lots that happen to be tested at the time your rifle is there. 

It becomes accuracy testing when that ammo is simultaneously shot through a
chronograph to determine the extreme spread (ES) and standard deviation (SD) within that string of shots fired in any given group. Without this critical information, it is impossible to determine if a ‘flyer’ in any given group is a concern of the rifle or a change in velocity of the ammo being tested. Bryan Litz of Applied Ballistics has volumes of information on this subject published and available for your consumption. We cannot and do not guarantee any outcome from lot testing