Vudoo Shooting Team

Our shooting team is a collection of skilled shooters who strive to push shooting sports forward. If you see anyone from the Vudoo team at a match, please feel free to connect with them. Our goal at Vudoo is to advance rimfire shooting sports regardless the platform you happen to be shooting with.  Our team is happy to share tips and tricks that can collectively better the shooting community we all hold dear.

Meet Our Team

Bob Mead
Vudoo Shooting Team

Bob Mead is a commercial photographer who owns Studio M Two Creative, located in Massachusetts. In this role, he works closely with clients of all kinds to create the best possible images of their products.

Bob is a big believer in the shooting sports, having competed his way to Master class in USPSA, spent time in the IDPA, 3Gun and Silhouette circuits, participated in the Chevy Team Challenge and fought his way to Massachusetts State Champion in Sporting Clays.

Bob has maintained a high level of interest in precision shooting as a competitor, Match Director and always willing to lend a hand but his heart has always been in the rimfire disciplines.

Bob’s acute attention to detail as part of Vudoo’s small and effective R&D team has been invaluable to contributing to what Vudoo does best, and on top of all that, he shoots pretty well also.

Chris Simmons
Vudoo Shooting Team

Born and raised in Western North Carolina, Chris Simmons began actively shooting competitively in 2004 on his high school Naval JROTC 3 Position Air Rifle Team. During that time he won 3 national championships. Chris is also a Distinguished Expert in 3 different rifle classifications including Air Rifle, Smallbore, and High power Rifle. During his 15 years of shooting, he has won over 200 matches in Smallbore Silhouette, including 29 State Championships. He began shooting Rimfire Tactical Long Range matches in 2017 and has had numerous wins since then, including the 2019 Lapua Practical Rimfire Challenge. He strives to have a positive impact on the sport and new shooters on and off the range.

Megan Pakradooni
Vudoo Shooting Team

Megan began shooting in the fall of 2018, under the guidance of boyfriend / team mate Mike Suttle and she has quickly risen to the top. With 25 first place women’s division finishes and multiple top 3 overall finishes, Megan is raising the bar in precision 22lr women competition. In May 2019, Megan competed at the NRL22 National Championships in Las Vegas finishing 3rd in the ladies class and was also honored to be awarded the Sportsmanship Trophy.

Michael Chang
Vudoo Shooting Team

Michael lives in Las Vegas Nevada and is an avid 22lr and centerfire precision rifle competitor. Michael currently holds the ELR 22LR world record at 440 yards with his 18 inch Vudoo in the Manners T5 stock.

Mike Suttle
Vudoo Shooting Team

Mike is a 46 year old police dog trainer from Lewisburg, WV. At 18 years old he joined the Marine Corps and in 1999 he was selected to shoot on the All Guard Service Pistol Team. Mike was the high shooter for several years until leaving the military service in 2008. During that time he earned the NRA High Master classification, won 3 national pistol shooting championships, earned a distinguished shooters medal, made the presidents hundred 9 times, and represented the United States in the 2003 Mayleigh Cup. After taking a break from competitive marksmanship, Mike returned to the scene in September 2018 within the NRL22 organization. Since return, he has shot matches in 12 different states, earning 25 first place finishes, 1 second place finish, and 1 third place finish. I have fired the high score in the country on 4 different months in the last 10 months.

Tony Gimmellie
Vudoo Shooting Team

Tony Gimmellie joined Team Vudoo, in 2017 as one of our first sponsored shooters. Tony spent 10 years in the United States Marine Corps where he spent 7 of those years as a Marine Scout Sniper, a member of FAST Co. (Fleet Antiterrorism Security Teams) as well as a CQB Instructor. Upon leaving the Marine Corps, Tony took up employment with the US Secret Service where he is on his 18th year. He currently serves as a firearms Instructor for his agency.

Tony is a well-known, shooter who has shot professionally since 1995. Tony is known throughout the shooting community as being an approachable, fun, dedicated competitor, and loyal brand ambassador. Tony competes at the top levels in numerous shooting sports such as PRS, Precision Long Range Rim fire, USPSA, and 3 Gun to name a few. Tony, is a USPSA Grand Master who has many wins, and top 5 finishes to his credit.