Come join us at Buck Creek in Somerset, KY Aug. 1, 2020 at 9:00 am Eastern Standard Time.

The Inaugural Vudoo / Lapua Benchrest competition will be hosting 2 classes.

#1 Unlimited
Competitive Rimfire Benchrest shooters are aware of what that means.

#2 Factory Class
Any factory made action; Examples: Anschultz, Suhl, CZ, Remington, 40X and so on.
Barrel type, no restriction
Tuner, no restriction
Stock, no restriction
Trigger, no restriction
Scope, no restriction
Rest: Some form of two-piece rest system with at least one sand bag on one end or the other.
Ammunition: .22LR only manufactured in excess of one million rounds. No jacketed bullets or hand loads.

At 36 shooters the entry fee will be $35.00 ea. We will shoot 5 cards.
At 48 shooters the entry fee will be $30.00 ea. We will shoot 4 cards.
We will provide lunch for everyone.

*There will be a complete set of rules at the event for everyone.


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Vudoo / Lapua Benchrest Event