Vudoo Gun Works Quoted Lead Times

Although I get to speak with many of you during the order process, I thought I’d take the time to address the number one follow-up phone call we receive: “Where’s my rifle? It was due this week and I am being told it will be another week, month or???”


The estimated build times during the initial order process are, to the best of our ability, based on our workload and typical lead times quoted from our valued vendors. The combination of those have always been a great predictor of a completion date. With the advent of COVID over the last 18+ months, along with a feverishly growing firearms industry, that predictability has suffered for us and most of the firearm’s industry. Heck, it has affected every industry I am aware of. Ammunition, construction, automobiles, aircraft, household appliances and the list goes on. If you’ve recently tried to buy a refrigerator or F-150 pick up, you know the dilemma.


Although we are entirely US made, many of our vendors rely on raw materials that come from both US facilities and abroad such as German steel for barrels, resin in carbon fiber from Asia, alloys from Europe mixed in various metals, ect. So much of the world just shut down during the height of COVID. They are still running below normal capacity so many lead times grew with that alone. Add in growing demand for many things and well, I’m sure you can see the problem. Supply and demand is a fickle mistress. As a gentle reminder, we are a ‘for profit’ business and we make NO profit until we deliver you an exceptional firearm you are happy with. It is of paramount importance for us to deliver your rifle as soon as possible as we cannot survive without doing so. It is as aggravating for us as it is for you when we must extend a delivery time due to the unforeseen.


We appreciate and highly value every customer that has trusted us with their hard-earned money (a not-inconsiderable amount of money at that!) and wait patiently for us to create their dream rifle. We take that responsibility very seriously and I assure you, every effort is made to deliver it on schedule, at the quality level you have come to expect. Thank you for your patience while we navigate some unusual times and I look forward to meeting you at the range.


All the best,


Paul Parrott
Vudoo Gun Works