Left or Right-Handed: $1,405



Our Patented Vudoo V-22 “Three 60” Rimfire Repeater Action is our 3 lug bolt with a 60 degree throw and a 12 O’clock ignition. This combination uses the same internal 3 lug geometry of the V22s, ensuring light bolt lift along with smooth and consistent bolt alignment with the bore. Users will enjoy the same accuracy performance known across the entire Vudoo family of rifles. Like all current Vudoo V22 actions, the “Three 60” fire control group offers a toolless disassembly by way of a unique bayonet style locking system between the shroud, bolt body, and bolt nose.

“Re-defining Rimfire” You won’t be disappointed…we guarantee it!

Left or Right-Handed: $1,405



Our Patented Vudoo V-22 Rimfire Repeater Action is truly something to behold. It is the heart and soul of the finest .22 LR and .17 Mach 2 rifle ever conceived. Bragging? No, we’re just that proud of our baby and we think you’ll feel the same way after you handle and shoot one too.

Its no secret that it bears a resemblance to its Grandfather, the venerable 40X of yesteryear, but make no mistake, the similarities stop there. An engineering masterpiece conceived by our Engineer and co-founder, Mike Bush. There is no detail that has been overlooked. Available in right or left hand, It has been finessed, massaged, and tested as far as we know, more than any action of its type out there. How can we make such a claim? Mike has been at it for more than 10 years with many one-off, hand builds in the field getting run through the wringer. It has been such a success since 2016 that it has evolved into Generation 2 incorporating all that we have learned from customer input over that time. It has literally become known for
“Re-defining Rimfire” You won’t be disappointed…we guarantee it!

Left or Right-Handed: $1,405



Our Patented Vudoo V-22M Magnum Rimfire Repeater Action is the natural evolution of our now famous V-22 action. Created to manage the longer magnum rimfire cartridges of both .22 WMR and .17 HMR, it does so with the same excellent reliability we’ve become known for, not to mention phenomenal accuracy, not usually obtained with non-match ammunition. It is available in right or left hand. You won’t be disappointed…we guarantee it!

Left or Right-Handed: $1,405



Our Patented Vudoo V-22S Single Shot Rimfire action is the newest to the Vudoo family and comes at the continued request for a single shot that can play with the big boys in bench rest competition and beyond. It’s equally at home in .22 ELR, F-class, silhouette or just good ole’ target shooting fun. We believe it will once again be, “Re-defining Rimfire” in these disciplines. There simply is no more solid, stiff, quality built single shot rimfire action out there. It is available in Right hand or left hand as well as right bolt, left port and left bolt, right port. Give it a try. We know you won’t be disappointed because…we guarantee it!

Want more details?

Well, first off, it departs from the 40X in that the 40X was a full size center fire receiver converted to handle the diminutive .22LR cartridge. The V-22 repeater has been designed from the ground up as a true-to-scale Rimfire receiver that fits the Rem 700 footprint as far as stocks and chassis’ go. It also runs a full size short action bottom metal (DBM) and our V-2210 magazine has an AICS form factor so it pops right in Chassis’ or other DBM’s made for such. The V-22 repeater has a very unique control-round-feed protocol. The bolt has full capture control of the cartridge from the time it leaves the magazine until it ejects the spent round out the ejection port. The significance of that is two-fold. Great feed and extraction reliability and…equally as important, the cartridge is controlled in a way that it never touches anything on its entrance into the bore. There is no feed ramp, nor does the projectile go in at an angle that would damage it in any way. We all know how susceptible the soft lead of the .22LR is to accuracy degrading damage and minor nicks during the chambering process. It is eliminated in the V-22 repeater geometry. We are also very proud to offer our V-22 Action in both left- and right-handed models for .22 LR and .17 Mach 2 as well as a Magnum action for .22 WMR and .17 HMR.
Some may say its overkill to build a rimfire action to this level. Heck, most production center fire rifles don’t have a solid one piece bolt handle integral with the bolt body or an integral recoil lug like the V-22 does. We say if you want extreme reliability and accuracy in a repeater, there is no such thing as overkill.
Many great designs are conceived and exist out there in the world but the truly great ones are manufacturable on a large scale, repeatable, high tolerance level. The V-22 based family of actions are such a design. Our ability to hold tolerances in the tenths of thousandths with a consistent repeatability while still producing a volume suitable to meet demand is testament to the inherent design characteristics Mike laid out at the very beginning. This ensures you, our valued customer, can count on the same quality in the ten thousandth rifle as came in the first.
All steps in our manufacturing process are done on state-of-the-art CNC equipment whether it is the creation of the receiver, bolt, barrel chambering or the little things like the pinned scope rail and threaded oversize bolt knob. Precision manufacturing exudes from every nook and cranny of this thing. It really is that awesome.
Couple all that precision manufacturing with an assembly build process handled by some of the most skilled craftsmen out there, all shooters themselves with a passion for perfection, and you have what is arguably one of the finest rifles built. It just happens to shoot some of the most fun cartridges there are…rimfire!