Dream Build Rifle Raffle MSRP $3500

100% of proceeds benefit Adaptive Operations

The Vudoo “Dream Build” was assembled to the specifications selected by our followers who voted for each component.  Every week we selected a new feature and in the end, we built a $3500 Dream gun that shoots lights out.  Check out the specs below.

  • 20″ MTU profile Bartline barrel
  • Foundation Genesis stock with a dark distressed finish
  • TriggerTech Diamond Pro Curved Trigger
  • 30 MOA scope base
  • Large Bolt Knob

Now that this build is complete, we are Raffling it off to benefit the non-profit organization Adaptive Ops. Drawing will take place on Labor Day (Sept 7th) and the winner will be notified shortly thereafter.  To enter click the button under the video windows.

Big thanks to our partners who donated to the cause. Foundation Stocks, Bartlein Barrels, Lapua Ammunition, and TriggerTech

About Adaptive Ops

Human trafficking victims often live, work, and play among us, but force and coercion compel them to be obedient to their traffickers. They are groomed to know how to speak to Police officers and Private Investigators. Because of fear victims may convince everybody they are fine, but in reality, they have to report to hotel rooms and sweaty brothels when told.



  1. Our work focuses on identifying human trafficking activities, documenting the key information, and developing it into intelligence that can be used as evidence for law enforcement.
  2. We use private investigation techniques to hunt down wanted pedophile fugitives and coordinate their arrests.
  3. We search for missing persons (Adults and Children). We participate in and coordinated community searches for missing children.
  4. We provide runaway teenager recovery services. We will safely transport the child home or to a youth treatment of the parent’s choice.


We provide specialized human trafficking sting operation training to State Attorney General Offices, as well as local enforcement agencies.