We’d like to tell you a little bit about us, so you’ll know why…It’s all about you!


“We envision and create the exceptional, employees with passion, products that exceed mission targets and relationships based on respect and consideration.”


Some companies have a vision or mission statement.  At Vudoo, we have a mantra that embodies who we are and drives all that we do.  It is our mission…it is our vision…and it cuts to the core of the soul of who we are.  It ensures that you should and can expect nothing but the best when you deal with Vudoo.  The best products and firearms for their intended purpose.  The best customer service.  The best attitudes.  Just the best of everything, period.

There are many reasons you can expect nothing but the best from Vudoo such as; excellence in engineering, attention to every minute detail, use of the finest materials and the best partner companies for stocks, chassis, optics and more.  But the leading reason is our employees.  We simply have some of the best individuals out there…in here.  We empower them to do what they do best, which focuses their passion and drive right where it’s needed…”creating the exceptional”, for you.

We are a relatively small, family owned operation founded and lead by some of the best in the business.  The founder’s cumulative experience surpasses 100 years in the shooting, hunting and outdoor trade so there isn’t much we haven’t seen or encountered over the years.  We put that experience to work for you, simple as that.

We’re not much on titles around here, because you’ll find anyone of us doing whatever needs to be done regardless of our ‘job description’, but we’d like you to know who we are when you contact us…because relationships matter.

The super cool products and rifles we make don’t just dream themselves up and happen on their own.  They require serious engineering.  Thankfully, one of our founders, Mike Bush is our Lead Design Engineer.  Mike brings another 25+ years of experience to Vudoo, but there’s something special about him.  Those years of experience are predominantly in the firearms world and the FBI, with special projects being done for many of the largest firearms manufactures out there today.  When Mike takes a break from his day-to-day Vudoo magic, you’ll likely find him prone in the grass behind one of his creations making little ragged sub-MOA holes in something, then venturing back into the lab to design the next badassery. His nickname around here is “Moses”, because he is nothing short of a modern day John Moses Browning…that’s special.

Great employees don’t just trip in the door; they’re scouted out for a particular attribute or ten.  Jill P. is our CTO.  That’s Chief Talent Officer for those of you that don’t know. (as far as we know, a first in this industry!)  She is the reason we are who we are, have the great culture that we do, and have happy, passionate, motivated employees.  Jill brings 26 years worth of Human Resources and business experience to Vudoo that we simply couldn’t do without…which is why she is a founder too.  Her years of experience leading and staffing start-up companies, leadership coaching management teams, and handling all that goes on with the ‘business’ side of things brings us invaluable help which lets the rest of us focus on making awesome stuff.  When Jill steps away from Vudoo, you’ll usually find her attending her son AJ’s, Basketball games or his shooting competitions.  The weekends find her hiking or canyoneering in all the awesomeness Southern Utah has to offer with Zion National Park just a few steps away.

With management that great, we hardly need a CEO, but when the occasional final split-decision has to be made, that lands in the lap of Paul P.  Paul cut his teeth many years ago in the Army as an EOD bomb tech and the next 28 years were a fast paced volley of firearms and ammunition industry experience.  Paul’s time running his own companies along with working with other notables such as Springfield Armory, Surgeon Rifles, McMillan Rifles, Armalite, PMC Ammunition or FN America has equipped him to lead Vudoo Gun Works to a place we can all be proud of.  When Paul isn’t getting his Vudoo on, you’ll find him attending his son, AJ’s basketball games, at a shooting competition, flying some airborne contraption or trying to chase his wife Jill down one of those hiking trails or canyoneering routes.  Remember, it’s a family affair.  Fortunately for Paul, the others let him think he’s in charge.